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Group Canoe, Kayak and Raft Trips

Rates, Trip Descriptions and General Information

Our friendly staff will help you plan a great trip for you and your group. Read the trip descriptions and view the maps of the trips available to see what will best for your group. Check out the helpful planning tips below for check lists, printables, and forms to help you save time.

Use the Rules and Guidelines Section Below to see what qualifies for a group. Let our staff help you make this as quick and painless as possible to plan — while you get all the credit for making it happen!

Trip Descriptions/Pricing

There are two trip options. Both trips are good for beginners. The Hocking River is generally a calm smooth river with a few riffles, islands and sand bars. The stretch the trips run on is Class I. We transport you upstream and you canoe back to the building and your car with the current. All paddling times are approximate, based on the average time of an average paddler in average river conditions. Both trips run on the Hocking River. Adverse river conditions may make an alternate waterway necessary. Both trips provide great fishing opportunities.

Trip A – Crockett’s Trip
Miles: 5 Approximate Paddling Time: 1.5 hours.

Follow the scenic Hocking River lined by trees and fields. There are several islands and sandbars near the start of the trip that make great stopping places for a little exploration or a picnic lunch. This is a great beginner’s trip, especially for young children, nervous adults, and those short on time. Available by canoe, kayak or raft. See map of the trip.

Trip B – Rockbridge Trip
Miles: 7 Approximate Paddling Time: 2-3 hours

Our most popular trip has two extra miles on the scenic Hocking River. There are more islands and sandbars, a few narrow areas, and more riffles, as well as several viewing spots for observing people on the zip line. It also provides a the opportunity to hike up and see the Natural Rockbridge, a natural work of art. Available by canoe or kayak. See map of the trip.

The Group Discount

Per person   ____      Trip A                                       Trip B

14 or more  people

NOTE: Taxes not included. Canoes only, kayaks are not available for the group rate.

To qualify for the Group Discount

Reserve a trip for a minimum of 14 people, a minimum of 48 hours in advance.

  • Place a $100 deposit via MasterCard, Visa, check or cash.
    (Deposits are refundable up to 48 hours prior to scheduled departure. Deposits are non-refundable within 48 hours of departure. In store credit will be issued in emergency or weather related cancellations.)

Group Discount paperwork

To make a discounted Group Reservation

  • Decide a date
  • Decide a trip length A or B.
  • Decide add ons
  • Have a MasterCard or Visa handy
  • Call us at 740-385-0523
  • Once we confirm you are “in the book”, begin finalizing transportation and collection of participation agreements

Day of your trip

Group Leader only, approach the counter with:

  • Completed Participation Agreements for all participants
  • Form of payment (The process is much faster if group leaders collect payments from individuals and pay for the trip with one lump payment.)

Additional Options

  • Camping – group campsites and camping cabins are available on site with advanced reservations
  • Adventure golf = $5.00 per person
  • S’Mores around a roaring fire = $1.50 per person
  • In partnership with Canopy Tours, “Float & Fly”, SuperZip tickets available for Trip B only, $30 per person for one flight

Shuttle Times

Click here for shuttle times.


    • Groups are welcome to spend the night at Hocking Hills Canoe Livery. There are several campsites that can accommodate large groups, and for those who don’t like to rough it, you can rent all of the camping cabins. All group camping and camping cabins reservations need to be made with a member of our front desk staff. Please call 740-385-0523.

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