Our Mission Statement
Hocking Hills Canoe Livery strives to accommodate all levels of canoeing enthusiasts, catering to large groups as well as giving small groups, families and couples the chance to enjoy a pleasurable river experience. Canoeing and primitive camping are stressed as a way to give back to nature. We emphasize the natural environment of the river and promote responsible use and protection of our resource. Each customer deserves the best possible trip and service, and we promise to provide this within reasonable means.
History of Hocking Hills Canoe Livery
We started as small operation running with one shuttle van, 32 canoes and 8 kayaks from the porch of the Logan Antique Mall in the summer of 1996. By July of 1996 we were operating out of our current building (which has somehow morphed from being a big empty building to one brimming full of stuff.) Our very first year we had two employees (Scott, who lasted a few weeks, and Brad, who finished out the summer with us) who worked along side the owners (Aaron and Cindy). Even in our first year we worked diligently to maintain a clean safe environment and provide the best possible service. This, despite mud, mud, and more mud at our landing and both of our trips. We spent many an evening pulling our van or our truck out of the mud, but we had a great time and were happy to be in business. Skip forward a few years and today we have a staff closer in number to 20, more than 200 boats, a few vans, two buses, a great campground and camping cabins. Not to mention all the great friends we have collected along the way, both from our loyal customers and former staff. We still love what we are doing, we are still happy to be in business, and we still want everyone to have a great time.
Being the Best -- Our Story of Striving for Excellence
There’s only one way to go when you want to be the best you possibly can, and that’s up. We are so blessed to have been given the opportunity to grow every year, to make changes here and there, and to continually strive to be the best we can be. We take the time to hire the best possible staff — who we force to be our family for the summer (and not just because we don’t get to see our family unless they go canoeing). We train our staff to best serve our customers and we welcome our customers into our extended family. We think every experience should be exactly the adventure/entertainment/life experience that our customers wish it to be, and we work hard to provide that experience. Our ears are always open for comments, good and bad (we know, things happen that we can’t always control, but we try to learn from our mistakes, as well). We want to be excellent, to be the best, to be your fondest memory, and we won’t quit until we are.